Bill Bradley Joins New Yorkers In Support of Public Financing of Elections

In a Daily News Op-Ed, former New York Knick and New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley calls on Governor-Elect Cuomo to get real about reform and to push hard on implementing a system of public financing of elections. Senator Bradley does a great job of explaining the heavy, unwanted special-interest campaign intrusions that elected officials must accept if they want to win state office. In my experience, I’d say one out of every ten elected officials I talk to in Albany admit the pull of big money campaign cash.

But we, the public, know just how much more pervasive corporate interests are over the public’s interest in our state and federal government. The foundations of trust and respect have been shattered by the current system’s dependence on high doses of corporate donations.

Thank you Senator Bradley for your encouraging words. We couldn’t agree more. Let’s hope that our Governor-elect, Andrew Cuomo, reads these words and is moved by them. During his campaign, he voiced strong support for ethics reform, but we’ll need to wait and see a if he is serious about changing the culture in Albany. Such a systematic change must include public financing of elections.

New Yorker’s have been promised reform before. Will Andrew Cuomo come through for us? We certainly hope so.

Let Gov.-elect Cuomo know YOU support public financing of elections for New York by downloading and sending this holiday card to Cuomo now. Don’t have time to print and mail – click here to sign our online petition.

By Jessica Wisneski on December 20th, 2010

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