Prominent New Yorkers Want Voter Owned Elections

Ed Koch, Bill Bradley, Bob Kerrey and a number of other prominent New York businessmen and past politicians have called on Governor Cuomo to push for voter owned elections.

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal has an article about the letter sent by 23 big names in New York State politics asking the Governor to make good on his promise to reform New York’s political process by putting voters back in charge of elections.

The letter noted the importance of real reform in Albany. If Governor Cuomo and the people of New York want REAL change, New York must have a electoral system that puts voters first and lessens the influence of special interests and their lobbyists – a system that will, “reduce candidates’ dependence on special interest donors and lobbyists’ political contributions.”

We have seen big money’s massive influence in New York elections. Voter owned elections will allows us to reclaim our political process and empower small donors and minimize the influence of big money corporate interests.

Here is the letter:

By Tahisha Victor on March 1st, 2011

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