Reports Archive

Corporate Cash, Personal Wealth: Randy Altschuler’s Campaign Funding and What it Means for Long Island
(Released October 26, 2010) Citizen Action of New York releases a report examining the distorting effects that RAndy Altschuler’s campaign fundraising has for the 1st Congressional District.

New Yorkers Pay When Big Money Plays: The Case for Public Financing of Elections
(Released May 26, 2009) Citizen Action of New York released a new report today finding that campaign contributions from corporate interests are used to block legislation that would help consumers, tenants, and the environment.

The High Cost of “Pay-to-Play”: Health Insurance Contributions Drive Up Insurance Rates
(Released September 10, 2008) Citizen Action calls for public funding of campaigns as the only way to protect consumers from the grip of industry campaign contributors on state policy.

Public Financing Poll finds New Yorkers Strongly in Favor of Clean Elections Proposal
(Released April 28, 2008) A Zogby poll, commissioned by PPEF, found 74% of likely voters in NYS favored a system of public financing for elections.

How Much Will Clean Money, Clean Elections Reform Cost in New York?
(Released April 2006) A projection of the costs of implementing Clean Elections in New York State, based on costs in other states implementing public financing.

The Color of Money in New York: Federal Campaign Contributions and Race.
(Released January 13, 2004) This report shows that Blacks, Latinos and other people of color in New York are largely left out of the federal campaign financing system.

The New York Asset Building Report Card: How New York Ranks Among the 50 States in Individual Asset Development.
(Released May 19, 2003) New York families are less equipped to weather an economic slowdown than families in any other state, according to a new report released by Citizen Action of New York. The report found that New Yorkers have fewer savings and lower net worth than the residents of all other states.

Contract Capers: Excess Costs and Politics in MTA Contracting
(Released December 12, 2002) A report by the Public Policy and Education Fund shows that the MTA has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on outside contracts to rehabilitate subway stations — and $289 million of the station rehab work is linked to companies that gave campaign contributions to Governor Pataki and the Republican Party.

Pay to Play? Campaign Contributions to Governor Pataki and Contracts from the Empire State Development Corporation.
(PPEF. Release date: 10/03/02) The report from the Public Policy and Education Fund, Citizen Action of New York’s research affiliate, finds that Governor Pataki received campaign cash from Empire State Development Fund recipients. 26 companies gave contributions and received over $1 million each, and political contributions and contracts occurred within days of each other.

Real Campaign Reform? An Analysis of George Pataki, H. Carl McCall and Tom Golisano’s Campaign Reform Proposals
(Released September 2002) Includes a side by side comparison chart.

Capital Investments, Capital Returns: Corporate Tax Breaks and Campaign Contributions to Governor Pataki and the New York State Legislature, 1999-2001
(Released March 2002) Report finds that during the three-year period from 1999 to 2001, Governor Pataki and state legislators received a total of $13.6 million from companies and executives of companies that benefit directly from corporate tax cuts.

The Money Marathon: Big Bucks and the Race for Governor of New York
(Released December 13, 2001) A series of reports on campaign finance in the 2002 New York State governor’s race to be issued by the Public Policy and Education Fund of New York.

Superfund, Superbucks: Campaign Contributions from New York Superfund Companies
(Released August 7, 2001) Study finds that Superfund site owners who are members of the Business Council or Chemical Alliance ave $446,703 to current New York State elected officials during the 1998 and 2000 election cycles.

The Wealth Primary –Spending in the 2000 New York State Legislative Elections
(Released April 19, 2001) Report on spending by all major party candidates for the New York State Legislature in the 2000 elections.

No Bid, No Coincidence — Campaign Contributions and the Awarding of No-Bid Contracts in Nassau County
(Released October 24, 2000) Details how political contributors to Nassau County Executive Thomas Gulotta received more than $23 million of taxpayer money in no-bid County contracts.

Capital Bargains, Capital Gains
(Released October 12, 2000) Details who gave to the New York State Legislature in 1999-2000, what they got in return, and why New York needs Clean Money, Clean Elections.